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History of Inland Mutual Insurance Company

Inland Mutual Insurance Company, which was founded in 1937, was the 1st non Farm-Mutual property/casualty insurer domiciled in West Virginia. Inland Mutual grew and through the World War II era became well known in West Virginia and at one time was licensed to and did business in 35 states. Inland Mutual has more recently focused on its specialized product niches and now is licensed in 4 states. Inland Mutual has not strayed from its initial mission to provide its policyholder member owners’ extreme value by providing a niche product-suite, value-insurance, efficient claims processing, stellar service, and sustained company-surplus growth and financial strength.

Our main focus has been and continues to be serving the consumer insurance needs for our licensed areas and in particular the underserved markets and tough-to-place risks. We do not attempt to compete with the large players in the market being content with serving those niche markets very well. Inland Mutual Insurance Company offers a variety of property and casualty products and programs with several payment plans to meet our agency and policyholder needs. In most cases, coverage can be tailored to meet individual needs with various endorsements to specifically meet unique risks.

Our programs allow Inland Mutual to better serve our target markets of homes, mobile homes and modest dwellings.

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